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Who is this for?  The small group (8 people) workshop is for adults ready to explore in depth what they can change in their lives to be happier.  The format allows each person to start where they are on the happiness spectrum, and learn new skills and techniques to increase their happiness levels.  We will explore at least one issue or situation in the way of happiness for each participant, as well as review general strategies for greater daily enjoyment of life. Couples, friends and family are welcome to come together, so feel free to invite anyone you want to share the experience with to join you. If you have questions about whether you or someone else is an appropriate fit for the program, please contact Molly. What is the total estimated cost?   If you stay the basic four nights, your program costs including the program, room, meals, all gratuities and taxes, and your $450 Miraval spa services credit - basically everything outside of your transportation to Tucson will be based on room rates available for your program date. If you live in Tucson and sleep at home, your program costs with the day rate for Miraval which includes all meals from dinner Thursday through dinner Sunday, group activities and complimentary programming, gratuities and taxes is approximately $1,900. Fee-based spa treatments and other activities are also available for your enjoyment during our program breaks. If you register and pay early, your costs will be $100 less. Double occupancy and premium room rates are also available. What should I bring? Dress at Miraval is  casual, and there are exercise and yoga classes you can attend during our breaks, so exercise clothing is the norm during the day.  Bring attire appropriate for the activities you enjoy - whether a swim suit, sneakers or hiking boots, yoga clothes, jeans, or shorts.  Our program includes an easy hike, so bring closed-toe shoes, which will also be useful if you choose to do the Equine Experience or other challenge activities. Temperatures vary about 30 degrees from day to night, so bring a sweater or jacket for the evenings.  If you are sun-sensitive consider a hat and your favorite sunscreen. Terry bathrobes are supplied in your room and the spa. You can get more detailed information on the Miraval website via the links below. Miraval provides many photo opportunities - there is lots of wildlife - so bring your camera.  Miraval is  a cell-free zone, other than your room and a courtyard outside our meeting room.


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FAQs Humans need connections to others to be happy.  Doing something that makes someone else feel good will make YOU feel better. Sneakers Sunscreen Sweater Donít forget your camera! About Miraval Resort