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After spending the first decade of her adulthood in banking and business consulting, Molly spent the next decade studying human behavior, receiving a doctorate in psychology from the Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology in 1996.  She designed a career as a happiness facilitator and in 2013 she completed Tal Ben-Shahar’s nine-month Positive Psychology certification course from Kripalu. Molly is passionate about using the gifts and resources she has been blessed with in this lifetime to leave the world a better place, with less suffering and more love.  She believes in the importance of making her choices in alignment with her values and finds both these things contribute to her happiness.
Molly L. Stranahan, Psy.D., specializes in sharing what psychology knows about the choices we can make to live happier, healthier lives.  Her primary focus is on looking at the impact our beliefs and attitudes have on our feelings, because although we often don't recognize it, our thoughts and beliefs are totally in our control to change to make our lives better. Dr. Stranahan's Path to Happiness is about self- discovery, using awareness of what isn't working for us, what is in the way of our happiness, to uncover the underlying beliefs through which we interpret the world.  Then those beliefs can be evaluated against alternative beliefs allowing the freedom to choose those which lead to greater happiness and health.  She also focuses on naming our deepest values - what matters most to us - and then making decisions based on living in alignment with those values.  Molly created and leads The Path to Peace About Money, a regularly scheduled class at Miraval. 
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YOUR GUIDE MOLLY In a choice between beliefs, try choosing the one that makes you happier and less stressed.
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