Program Highlights

Over three-plus days at Miraval we will:  Look at what is blocking your happiness, particularly the beliefs through which you interpret the world, to uncover options for transformation Explore your emotions and expand your ability to manage them - from the messages of negative feelings to proven techniques for increasing your baseline happiness Learn what you control in relationships and what you don't, so you can focus on getting what you want and let go of trying to change the other person Uncover your deepest values, and discover ways to use those values to make your life choices, leading to a more meaningful, satisfying life, and easier decision-making! Practice mindfulness - increasing self-awareness and the sensation of life's energy moving through you Nurture your body by savoring some of Miraval's amazing treatments (you will have $450 of resort credits to use at the spa as you choose during our free time) Enjoy the beauty of the desert

Learning Experience

Join this small group experience to learn what psychology knows about the choices you can make to live a happier, healthier, more serene life.  Join us on the path to self-discovery, including an examination of what is and is not working for you, developing or refining your life purpose, and building your relationship skills to have a deeper connection to yourself, to others and to life. We will focus on enhancing your life in the areas that psychological research indicates are key contributors to our happiness - relationships, being clear on our life purpose, engaging in activities that are pleasurable and meaningful to us, and being authentically ourselves. We'll be at Miraval, so we can take advantage of opportunities to practice mindfulness and move toward a ‘life in balanceTM’’.  The program will start with the basic Path to Happiness technique of examining what is in the way of your happiness, and looking at your options, including examining and changing your beliefs. This three-day program is based on a lifetime of learning including a doctorate in psychology, the past ten-plus years as a happiness facilitator, and a nine-month Positive Psychology certification course from Kripalu.  We will focus on... Awareness Challenging our unconscious assumptions Enhancing our coping skills Connecting with our values, and living them more fully And making choices to be happier and healthier, living in greater balance and joy You will receive the Path to Happiness Travel Guide which includes exercises to take home to help you implement your new practices as life continues to present you with challenges and opportunities for growth.

The Path to Happiness Process

We tend to believe that it is what happens to us that causes our stress and makes us happy or unhappy.  But it is really what we tell ourselves about what happens to us that leads to our state of mind - happy or unhappy; stressed or at peace.  So much of our unhappiness is caused by the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening to us - particularly stories about how things 'should' be.  The Path to Happiness technique uses awareness of what isn't working for you - what is in the way of your happiness - to uncover the underlying beliefs through which you interpret the world.  Those beliefs - those stories you tell yourself - can be tested and evaluated against alternative beliefs.  The small group setting provides a safe place to uncover and challenge the stories we tell ourselves and to discover alternative beliefs and behaviors that can lead to greater happiness, health and fulfillment.  When we are unhappy or under stress, we usually can't see all the options available to us, so the Path to Happiness focuses on uncovering a wider range of options and evaluating their consequences so you have the freedom to make the best choices for yourself. Learn to recognize and accept what you cannot control or change Gain the courage and skills to change what you can Learn how to recognize the difference between them Discovering your options reduces stress and frees you to experience peace and happiness.

Planned Activities

The Path to Happiness at Miraval is an interactive learning experience in a workshop setting.  Our group is limited to 8 participants so everyone will get ‘air-time’ as we share our challenges and learn from each other’s dilemmas and experiences.  We will meet in a group for about seven hours a day and will have our own tables in the dining room so we can gather informally over meals. Time is built into the program so you can sample some of Miraval's monthly experiences (from a morning hike, to yoga, an exercise class, a challenge activity or just relaxing by a pool) on your own.  Your accommodation package includes a $450 resort credit to use for Miraval’s spa services and activities which you can schedule during the learning experience breaks. Program Fee

Program costs are $895 per person, or $795 for early registration, which

covers all program administration including materials, including the Path

to Happiness Travel Guide.

To receive the early registration rate, you must register with Miraval and

the Path to Happiness by the date specified for your workshop.

Miraval rates are dependent on the type of room chosen.

What is a Challenge


A Miraval physical activity or experience that translates to inner-life lessons.  As Wyatt Webb says, "It's not about the horse," meaning that it's about you and how you gain insight into yourself. For more information, see Miraval Outdoor Adventure and Challenge Activities

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