Just as we need to water and fertilize our gardens, each of us needs to care for body, mind, relationships and soul, all of which have a big impact upon happiness levels. These practices help us ‘grow’ our happiness. While this flower pot diagram adheres to the Cartesian illusion that body, mind and soul are distinct parts, a human being is really an integrated whole, and what we do in one ‘sphere’ powerfully impacts us across the artificial distinctions between ‘parts.’ Systems theory postulates that our relationships (and our environment) are also a part of our whole being, but drawing distinctions makes it easier to sort through all of the practices. Please keep in mind that while a particular practice is illustrated as a petal under one artificial ‘part’ or aspect of the diagram, that practice impacts us universally. Click on any flower to explore the happiness boosters that appeal to you.
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Journal Affirmations Optimism Gratitude Savoring CARING FOR YOUR Mind Accept  Reality Let Go of Shoulds Let Go of Fear Accept  Your Feelings Focuson the Positive Let Go of Expectations Awe Pay Attention to Your Intuition CARING FOR YOUR Soul Be Mindful Permission to Be Human Generosity Compassion for Yourself Trust Something Greater Than Yourself Live Your Values Make a Difference Let Go of Judgments Communicate Forgiveness Be Kind Show Affection Share Take Responsibility for Your Own Feelings Compassion for Others Let Go of Judgments  Show Appreciation Be Yourself CARING FOR YOUR Relationships Breathe Sleep Exercise Meditate Touch CARING FOR YOUR Body My Healthy Stress Relievers Tune In to Life Use Quality Fuel Connect with Nature
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Click on any flower to explore the happiness boosters that appeal to you.
Caring for Your Mind Caring for Your Body Caring for Your Soul Caring for Your Relationships
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