Customized full and part-day workshops offer the opportunity to learn tools, tips and create your own action plan focusing on a variety of happiness-related topics, including:

Path to Happiness

Change your attitudes and beliefs to be happier and healthier. Identify what is not in your control so you can let go of trying to change it. Identify what is in your control to uncover your options for changing. See the Path to Happiness at Miraval for details of customized sessions held at Miraval that incorporate the program and the location.

The Path to Happy Relationships

A major factor affecting happiness is the number and quality of your relationships.  Learn what you control in relationships and what you don't, so you can focus on getting what you want and let go of trying to change the other person.

The Path to a Meaningful Life

Uncover your deepest values, and discover ways to use those values to make your life choices.  Living in alignment with our values leads to a more meaningful, satisfying life.  It also makes decision-making easier!

The Path to Peace About Money

What is the meaning of money to you?  Does it create anxiety about earning it, keeping it, investing it, giving it?  How does it affect your relationships?  Are you anxious about not having enough?  What is enough?  Explore the impact of your beliefs about money and uncover attitudes that will allow you greater freedom and contentment.  Additional workshop topics available, email to explore further.
Choose to be happier!    You have found the place        to learn what YOU can do             to have a happier,                  more fulfilling life!

Keynote Presenter and Speaker

Book Molly Stranahan for your next event. Research shows happier people are healthier, more productive and have better relationships.  Molly’s engaging speaking style will energize and inspire your group, and help audience members change their lives. Besides speaking on happiness, relationships, values, money and life purpose, she has spoken at numerous conferences and forums related to philanthropy, values-congruent investing and family business issues. By sharing what psychology knows about the choices we can make to live happier, healthier lives, Molly can help people understand what they control and don't control; then they can focus on what they can change and let go of what they can't or aren't willing to change. Her particular focus is on looking at the impact our beliefs and attitudes have on our feelings, because although we often don't recognize it, our beliefs are the one thing totally in our control to change to make our lives better.

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions offer a safe place to talk about whatever is getting you down or causing you stress as those things block your natural state of happiness.  You will learn new ways to think about what is going on in your life that allow you to cope with the stresses of life with greater peace. It is not therapy.  You aren't signing up to come to weekly 50-minute sessions.  Molly blocks two hours so she can learn about you and what is causing you unhappiness. Together, you explore what you can change, then see if it makes sense to schedule a shorter follow-up session.  There is no diagnosis because Molly doesn't think there is something wrong with you.  However, that also means there is no health insurance reimbursement. You only pay for the time you use at a rate of $120 per hour. Sessions can be in-person or by telephone, which can be supplemented with email.  Before you commit to a consultation, email to set up a complimentary phone conversation.


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EMAIL Molly Photo: Miraval Molly offers The Path to Peace About Money  at Miraval Spa and Resort in Tucson, AZ most weeks. If you are at Miraval, look for Mollys The Path to Peace About Money workshop which is often on the added classes schedule.
Molly was honored by the opportunity to address winter graduates of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona on December 19, 2015. 

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“The Secret to Success:

Choose Happiness!”

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